Ragdoll Kittens - What Makes Them Awesome

Published: 20th March 2012
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When you’re looking for a long-term pet a housecat is ideal. The Ragdoll cat often occupies the top spot of the very short list of candidates. These kittens are born white and they are popular among many pet owners and lovers. It takes a week or more for those white kittens to develop and get into their colored coated furs. To know the true color of your Ragdoll kitten, you have to wait for another two years or so.

Since Ragdolls are pointed cats, they tend to have physical attributes that makes them look almost alike with Siamese cats manifesting lots of peculiar similarities. Although many think that they belong to the Siamese family, they are not of the same breed. As for the fur, Persian cats share this similarity with Ragdolls. You will also be surprised to learn about more likeable traits that this breed has as they get older within a period of 4 to 5 years.

One of those loveable traits would be how well Ragdolls can adjust to any space you have available in your abode. If you have a small home or a large house, your Ragdoll kitten can easily familiarize and learn to get used to the space you have provided. To add, some cat breeds cannot tolerate living or sharing with other animals. Not even with other cats whereas, Ragdolls can be good companions to either dogs, birds or any other pets that you may already have in your home. Fighting with other animals is something you will rarely encounter and experience with Ragdolls. For instance, it may run after and chase around a mouse keeping it at bay. It will play with its catch. It is like a game to them until its prey passes out. It may just get tired of its prey if it does not response to its playful moves or assaults and leave them be for dead.

Another quality that makes Ragdoll kittens ideal for any home or household is that they are peace-loving felines. As they grow old, you'll notice that they have a relaxed and tranquil constitutional make-up and approach. Each move and activity of this cat do not disturb its serenity.Ragdoll kittens prefer to simply hang out and linger around with their owner. They usually just lie around, yawn and sleep although instinctively remain alert for any unwelcome visiting stray animal.

Last but not the least, parents like Ragdoll kittens. They turn out to be nice and inherently loyal pets for kids. They are a family-friendly breed of cats and are highly domesticated emulating similar characteristics of a dog except for the barking and are therefore often referred to as “puppy cats”. They are affectionate, loyal and smart. They can be too trusting to a fault which you should have a watchful eye for poachers. You can also teach them a lot of tricks. They love to play, climb about, race to catch a prey and are full of energy. They can be noisy but not too much of a nuisance that could become very annoying.

There are more Ragdoll kitten traits that you can find out as they get used to you. Every Ragdoll kitten has its own set of fine qualities you will surely love as they mature. Most Ragdoll kittens or full grown cat usually or instinctively get attached to its owner.If you're thinking why Ragdoll kittens are much like the dolls, it's due to this known fragile response for the cat to go limp when you pick it up or hold it in your arms and frankly, they are just as loveable as the dolls.

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