How To Introduce A New Ragdoll Kitten To Your Resident Cat Properly

Published: 07th March 2012
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Felines are normally sociable. They are behave like humans and just like people, they can get shy when you introduce another cat to them. At this point, they can get apprehensive and even feel threatened once you bring home a new Ragdoll kitten into your house.

Most likely, your resident cat will not be jumping for joy over the new feline addition in your household, here are possible ways it can show you just what it feels:

•It can start stalking the kitten.
•It may pee or poop on your bed or furniture.
•It may hiss at the Ragdoll kitten.
•It may begin to ignore your own advances.
•It may also suddenly attack the new kitten.

To prevent making the situation any worse, here's what you can do:

1. Create a Secure Room - Keep your new Ragdoll kitten outside the vicinity of your resident kitty for approximately 2 weeks. Before embarking on introducing them to each other, you should have a “safe room” selected. This safe place is really a sanctuary for your kitten. You should keep it locked in such a way that your new pet will not be able to just escape from it nor have your resident cat easily enter it.

Within the safe room, there should be many locations where your kitten can go and hide. This will assist on training her how to overcome her shyness with you and the other members in your family.

2. Seclusion - On this phase, the goal here is to let the new kitten become familiar with your home, particularly in the safe room you assigned to it. This is when you can take the time to have you and your family introduce themselves by playing with your new kitty.

Another advantage regarding the seclusion phase is the idea that you are also keeping your resident cat stay healthy, should your new kitten have illnesses or diseases that you're not aware of. Furthermore, before bringing your new Ragdoll kitten home, your vet should already have given it a thorough and proper check-up.

3. Introduce with Care and Caution - Introducing your own resident kitty to the new pet should not be brash or rushed. Firstly, you should let each cat learn of the other cat's smell. You can do this by getting a towel and rubbing it on the nose area of your resident cat and giving that same towel to the new kitten to smell the scent of the other cat. You should also do this to for your resident cat so it can know the scent of the new kitty.

As your two pets become familiar with one another's scents, both of them will know the different areas of your home that are associated to each cat. This entire process can take time but the benefits for such will yield positive results down the road.

After you realize that your own resident feline is comfortable while using the stench of an unique cat, the next step will be allowing them to get yourself a view at one another – have you and also someone that also lives in the house support you on this activity.

To start, you should stay 20 feet away from the resident cat when you're holding the new Ragdoll kitten upon entering the room. If they both look interested at the other, you can then try to get a bit closer until you are about 12 feet away. You should continue doing this until you have come closer and the two kitties can actually smell each other well.

Keep them both at this distance without releasing them. If there are no negative reactions like hissing or clawing at the other cat, you can then slowly let go of the two cats and let them know each other better. However, things may get uncomfortable again so you should always reassure your pets and give them words of encouragement.

Introductions do not always run smoothly so you can expect that it may take more than 2 weeks before your resident cat can get used to your new Ragdoll kitty.

All the best for you and your pets!

Jenny Dean is an entrepreneur and certified cat lover with two Ragdoll cats. Find out more info on Ragdoll cats at her website

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